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Every person has a unique situation. Each individual has a job, or other way of earning an income. Each has his own priorities, goals and expectations. Some people have a low income and plenty of extraneous time, while others have a higher income with less free time. Each individual can meet his financial goals without the burden of worrying about the crushing aspects of financial insecurity.

Lifestyle choices vary greatly among individuals, and this can make the difference with financial security when compared to another individual with the same level of income. We take a comprehensive approach to developing systems that work to get the most from life and from every dollar.

Having a large family or a small family is the choice of the individual. Some have all of the responsibility placed upon them while others share the burden of being a provider. Children are a blessing, and we firmly believe that your decision to have a family should not be limited by your finances.

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"I was making a decent living at my job, but I didn't have the time to navigate the expansive world of finance. Perlite was able to help me make sense of everything so that I could focus on my career."
Julie Minden
"I was a recent college grad, and had no idea about the services that could help me to gain financial freedom. I discovered Perlite Financial by taking one of their surveys. When they selected me as a candidate, my life was forever changed."
Josh Washen
"I make a good living at a high-paying job. I always wanted my extra money to "work for me," but I didn't know where to start. Perlite Financial was able to guide me in my quest for financial freedom. Highly recommended."
Keith Silverman


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