Universal Basic Income in America – A Case Study


Universal Basic Income (UBI) is receiving a lot of attention as of late. As we endure the third industrial revolution, with big tech’s gains making many jobs trivial, we might wonder where this all will lead. After having dystopian visions, one might look for creative ways to quell the coming wave of unrest created by the growing number of Americans that won’t be able to find work.

Perlite is purveying one of the pilot programs that are taking place across America. As part of the program, participants are to complete financial counseling. The counseling program will include making a budget, targeting debt, and decision based learning. This study is to last one year, and an assessment of the financial well-being improvement status will be taken. All counseling sessions would take place remotely using a PC or smartphone.Seeking select individuals to participate in a pilot program. We are working with a research donor to determine the effectiveness of providing supplemental income to households.

Learn financial responsibility and get paid
Perlite Financial is the proud purveyor of a pilot program to study the effect of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) on American households.
A no-strings-attached, cash monthly payment, aimed at improving society at the level of the individual household.
The highest positive effects are observed when income recipients are under the supervision and care of a case officer.

To qualify for this program you must be a legal resident of the United States between the ages of 18-65. Other requirements are a personal computer or phone, and weekly online chat sessions with a case officer.

$350/month for 30 months (60 counseling sessions)

$500/month for 20 months (40 counseling sessions)

$1000/month for 12 months (24 counseling sessions)

$0/month for 12 months (24 counseling sessions)

We will be determining a cost/benefit analysis among and between each test group. Since we are providing education and a cash payment at the same time, we will be collecting data to determine the most effective use of resources and the role that each intervention has. Each participant in every testing group will be given a case officer that will explain, advise, and help the participant to avoid financial mistakes and choose the best financial decisions.

We need study participants in every US city, so we encourage everyone to apply today!